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Tiger Techies brings world class technology solution to South Africa market.

Our goal is to be one of the most innovative companies in the world. We want to be well known for providing digital solutions that truly empower businesses of many sizes to meet their goals. Core to our beliefs, is the belief that technology can help make life better for everyone

– Catharina Connellan

Tiger Techies is an experienced Mobile Application Development Company in South Africa with expertise in iOS, Android, Windows and Mobile Web platforms. We provide advanced mobile solutions for small, large and medium size firms that will put your business ahead of your competitors. We have developed mobile applications for consumers as well as big enterprises. We develop customized mobile solutions that meet your requirement/s. You can surely trust that our mobile application development team can produce extraordinary results for you and your business goals. We have vast experience in developing high performance native mobile applications on all major mobile platforms. We also create cross platform mobile applications.

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